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Your heart, identity, and nature are a mirror.


There are certain foolish people who because they do not recognize the sun if they see it in a mirror, start to love the mirror.

With intense emotion, they try to preserve the mirror so that the sun within it will not be lost. Whenever the foolish person realizes that the sun does not die on the mirror’s dying and is not lost on its being broken, he turns all his love to the sun in the sky. He understands then that the sun appearing in the mirror is not dependent on the mirror, and its continued existence does not depend on it. It is rather the sun that holds the mirror and supplies its shining light. The sun’s continuance is not dependent on the mirror; the continuance of the mirror’s living brilliance is dependent on the sun’s manifestation.


O, man! Your heart, identity, and nature are a mirror. The intense love of immortality in your nature and heart should be not for the mirror, nor for your heart and nature, but for the manifestation of the Enduring One of Glory whose manifestation is reflected in the mirror according to the mirror’s capacity. However, out of stupidity, that love of yours is directed to other places.

Since it is thus, say: “O Enduring One! You alone are Enduring!” That is, “Since You exist and are enduring, whatever transience and non-existence want to inflict on us, let them, it is of no importance!”

From The Risale-i Nur Collection By Master Said Nursi

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