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Master Nursi Quotes On Life


• All your good deeds have been preserved and you will receive your reward. 

• Furthermore, with the right intention, all the other acts of someone who performs the prescribed prayers become like worship.

• O man! The service you have offered and the worship you have performed are not for nothing. A realm of reward, an abode of bliss, has been prepared for you. An unending Paradise is awaiting you in place of this fleeting world of yours. 

• The most fortunate person is he who does not forget the hereafter for this world. 

• Neither good nor bad will remain without recompense.

• The Qur’an also says to the believer; “Since your life is brief, think of eternal life. Do not fret! There is an unending life.” 

• Time has shown that Paradise is not cheap, and neither is Hell unnecessary. 

• True, pain-free pleasure is found only in belief in Allah and is possible only through belief.

• Your youth will definitely leave you, and if you do not remain within the bounds of the licit, it will be lost, and rather than its pleasures, it will bring you calamities and suffering in this world, in the grave, and in the hereafter.

• The Qur’an has trained men, purified their souls, and cleansed their hearts. And has caused spirits to unfold and progress, given direction and light to minds, and vitality and happiness to life. 

• Nature is embroidery, and cannot be the Embroiderer.

• Whoever created the mosquito’s eye, created the sun.

• As time grows older, the Qur’an grows younger; its signs become apparent.

• Hell is not unnecessary; there are many things that cry out “Long live Hell!” with all their strength. 

• Through the light of belief, it shows to the heart of a believer that death is not execution, but a change of abode; that the grave is not the mouth of a dark well, but the door to light-filled worlds; and that for all its glitter, the world is like a dungeon in relation to the hereafter. 

• If your hand is broken, look at theirs, which is severed. If you have only one eye, look at the blind, who lack both eyes, and offer thanks to Allah! 

• A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts. And he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life. 

• Friends and ranks last only till the door of the grave. 

• Every pleasurable thing in this world will be found in its highest form in Paradise.

• Man’s happiness and well-being in this world are possible only through justice. As for justice, it can be achieved only through direct application of the way shown by the Qur’an.


• Who are you? Where have you come from? Where are you going? What is your purpose?

• Those who search for every truth in corporeality have their intellects in their corporeal senses, but corporeal senses are blind to spiritual things. 

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• For if man is not a true human being, he is transformed into a diabolical animal.

• The appointed hour of death is secret, so we could die any day. 

• Everything about Divine Determining is good and beautiful. Even the evil that comes from it is good, and the ugliness, beautiful.

• This world is a guesthouse. 

• The source of Islam is knowledge and its basis is reason, and that it accepts the truth and rejects sophistry and delusion.

• If someone tells me there is a scorpion on my neck or breast or else points it out to me, I should be grateful to him, not offended.

• The oppressor retains his power, and the oppressed, his humiliation, as they both depart and migrate from this realm. Their affairs are, then, left to the Supreme Tribunal (hereafter).

• Philosophy is a pair of dark glasses that shows everything to be ugly and frightful. While belief in Allah is a transparent, clear, luminous pair of spectacles that shows everything to be beautiful and familiar.

• The pleasures and enjoyment man receives through licit striving within the sphere of what is lawful are sufficient for him. No need remains to enter the unlawful. 

• It is not burdensome for the memory of a small and simple child; children can memorize it (the Qur’an) easily. 

• Force should always serve right. 

• Politics based on self-interest is savagery.

• If mankind wants life, it must put to death usury of every sort.

• The All-Wise Qur’an is wise. It affords everything a position in relation to its value.

• Allah willing, through the strength of Islam in the future, the virtues of civilization will prevail, the face of the earth cleansed of filth, and universal peace is secured.

• The purpose for the sending of man to this world and the wisdom implicit in it, consists of recognizing the Creator of all beings and believing in Him and worshipping Him.

• If a person’s good points are greater in regard to quality or quantity than his bad points, he is deserving of love and respect. 

• Man possesses vast capital, and he came here to work and do the trade for eternal, everlasting life. The capital given to man is his lifetime.

• The Qur’an, revealed as a mercy for mankind only accepts civilization of this kind; happiness for all, or at least for the majority.

• Justice without equality is not justice.

Some Quotes From Risale-i Nur Collection By Master Said Nursi

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