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Do We Consciously Choose The Suffer?

Is suffering a choice?

Yes, suffering is truly a choice.

People give a sacredness to suffering as if suffering makes them more dignified:

“Look how resilient I am. How do I endure these difficulties?

By giving the message and telling their pain to others, they derive a share of power from it. Instead of living life smiling, they either take the burden on their backs or try to show someone how strong they are by playing God.

 “Look how strong I am. How big of a load can I take? I can do anything. I’m all-powerful”

They give the image and then stay under this burden and need antidepressants.

However, if a person remembers that he is powerless and weak, a significant part of this problem will be solved.

The other part of the problem stems from man’s forgetting that this universe, these events, what happened to us, what happened to others, troubles and sufferings are all under the control of an Almighty, The Merciful and The Bountiful Creator. When this is forgotten, people begin to suffer, assuming that these problems arise on their own (This happens subconsciously). Because he also sees that he does not have power, and also has unlimited problems.

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Antidepressants offer only temporary solutions to people in this situation. People who think they can handle everything but are weak, fall into a more helpless situation than they are in this situation.

As a result, the solution is very simple and feasible.

 “I am weak, and my merciful Lord is both Almighty and Merciful. There is nothing to fear for me.”

As Master Said Nursi said:

My Compassionate Sustainer has made the world a house for me, the sun and moon lamps for it, and the spring, a bunch of flowers for me, and summer, a table of bounties, and the animals, He has made my servants. And He has made plants the decorated furnishings of my house

I trust him and I write this word everywhere and in my heart as a life principle to be comfortable in this world.

Take the one that gives happiness, leave the one that gives sadness. which means look on the good side of everything 


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