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How did we meet 2024?

The sky at sunset, the deep blue smiling sea, the tree I touch, the endless gifts, the robin, the hidden, open beauties in every place, in every event… And the absolute beauty hidden in the universe and the fact that everything is for the benefit of man. And 2023, who completed his duty by reading all this.

Now, with a big thank you and gratitude to the one who allowed us to read these truths, we welcome the newcomer with a smile and love.

With the awareness of the gifts that came with this new friend, we realized that He loves us and chose us among infinite possibilities and gave us Sirat al-Mustaqim (the straight path) so that we can live a full and balanced life in this beautiful world, which is the reflection of His beautiful names.

This universe is full of our friendships. This coming new year 2024 will bring us balance, peace, and benefit and will allow us to be a giver and a receiver of benefits for as long as we remain on this earth.

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