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How can I get rid of the boredom?

Getting rid of boredom

Faith is such an elixir that it makes a person a friend and companion with the whole universe; it brings familiarity with everything. In the eyes of a believer with strong faith, every creature is Allah’s faithful servant and a friendly servant. Every part of the universe is adorned with conscious angels and spirit beings. This being the case, the believer should not suffer from boredom and loneliness in this world.

However, since these perfect meanings of faith are not fully manifested in every believer, he cannot fully comprehend these acquaintanceships and friendships. This is due to the weakness and weakness of faith. Therefore, the best and most important way is to strengthen our faith by transforming it into an authentic form.

Most of the spiritual and mental illnesses arise from weakness of faith and lack of worship. Just as the material body gets sick when it is deprived of food, our spiritual devices and emotions cause a number of spiritual diseases and troubles when they are deprived of dhikr and worship. The prescription for all spiritual illnesses and troubles is to attain true faith and to perform the worship that is necessary for this faith with perfection.

Master Nursi‘s description of the ideal happy believer is this

“He recognizes and approves Allah Almighty. In his eyes, this world is a house of remembrance of God, a training center for human beings and animals, and a testing ground for human beings. All deaths of animals and human beings are demobilization. Those who have finished their life’s work go from this world to another world without any distraction , so that there will be room for new duty bearers so that they can come and work. All the offspring of animals and human beings are to be recruited, to take up arms, to take up duty.

All living beings are active and happy soldiers, and they are happy and satisfied officials. All the sounds are either the dhikr and glorification at the beginning of the duty, the thanksgiving and praise at the end of the duty, or the melodies that arise from the joy of work. All existence, in the eyes of that believer, is a kind servant, a friendly servant, and a cute book of his Creator. Many more such sweet, sublime, and delicious truths are manifested and manifested from his faith”

Another cause of boredom is inertia and laziness. Inertia is one of the environments where the mind finds the most ways to sin and debauchery. In other words, if a person is not engaged in a beneficial and good occupation, he will surely be inclined towards bad things. Therefore, we should be constantly engaged in a good occupation without leaving ourselves idle.

“In fact, calmness and tranquility, inertia, uniformity, and hesitation are a kind of non-existence, they are harm. Movement and change are existence, it is good. Life finds its perfection through movement and advances through calamity.” Master Nursi

Stand up, take a small step, read a paragraph, say a prayer, walk for ten minutes

“The most miserable, the most troubled is the unemployed man. Because inertia is the brother of absence. Work is the life of the body and the wake of life.”


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This article is based on Master Nursi’s Risale-i Nur Collection


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