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Can I see my cat again?

My Cat

My Zuzu was a Siamese, a year-old cat. He was wonderful. I loved him so much. We used to play hide and seek, walk in the forest and play Frisbee.

He was like a mixture of a cat, a dog, and a human. To me, he was the best cat in the world. He used to look into my eyes with love when he was in my arms.

One day a friend of mine called to inform us about his death in a car accident. I went there and took the lifeless body and buried it in the garden among the flowers. I was so sad and cried a lot. That night I saw him in my dream running around with his cat friends. That dream so comforted me, because, in my prayer, I wanted God to show me in what situation he was in at that moment.

That’s why I believe that the dream was not an ordinary dream. It was real. Now at least I know he is happier and freer than here. To know that he is happy makes me feel better. But I still miss him of course, but I have to wait till the day we’ll meet again. Goodbye Zuzu my love, enjoy with your friends. see you there someday God willing

In Paradise “You will find in it what your souls desire and you will find in it what you ask for”

Heaven is not a place of deprivation, everything will be given. This includes animals we love in the world

“Yes, the faithful friend of the eternal will remain eternal, and the conscious mirror of the eternal must be eternal.” Master Said Nursi

In memory of Zuzu

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