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My Life Motto By Life Coach Master Nursi

My Life  Motto

A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts. And he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life – Master Said Nursi

How should we understand the motto? Is seeing and thinking beautifully and getting pleasure from life is related to the subconscious, that is, the correct filling, programming, and use of the subconscious?

It is an unchangeable principle of human nature to interpret and perceive the events according to what is ruled and settled in the human heart and mind.

For example, a pessimist reads and understands everything as pessimistic, and his life is shaped accordingly. An optimist watches everything from the window of optimism and perceives life accordingly. The black glasses show the item black, just as the red glasses show the item red.

Since the nonbeliever person sees the universe as meaningless, useless, and the toy of chance, everything is reflected in him as tormented and troubled.

A believer, on the other hand, knows that everything is meaningful, beneficial and under the precaution and direction of God, so everything is reflected in him as pleasant and peaceful.

Worship is a spectacle; those who do not wear it cannot see and read the inherent worship of the creatures. Just as a sound faith shows the power and disposition of God behind everything in an apparent way, sound worship manifestly declares and declares the worship they perform with the language of the present. This is an important law, an important principle that Allah has put into the human world. The reason for this law and principle is to be able to see the way to God in everything.

A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts. And he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life- Master Said Nursi

From the opposing meaning of these expressions, it is inferred how ugly it is to look ominous. In other words, “Whoever sees ugly is an ugly thinker, and who thinks ugly also suffers from life.” means. If we look at life and events through the glasses of faith and worship, then the secret and truth of everything will be solved; the beauties behind those events manifest and people become happy and prosperous with those beauties.

In order to attain this point of view, one must fill both the heart, the perspective, and the subconscious with faith and guidance. He interprets what is in the heart and eyes of a person, life and events accordingly. So the most important thing is how and with what the heart and perspective are educated. Besides, other devices of the person look at the heart and the eye, and whatever is in the heart and the perspective will be judged accordingly.

A person who sees the good in things has good thoughts. And he who has good thoughts receives pleasure from life.-Master Said Nursi

These expressions have been made by the West in recent years: “Thinking positively attracts the positive, thinking negatively attracts the negative.” does it have a relationship with the law of attraction that defends the thesis? Could you tell us about the basic measure of Islam on this issue?

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Concepts such as honesty, positive thinking, taking the best, and abandoning the bad of everything, “trusting in God’s plan” are the things Islam has ordered Muslims for a thousand and four hundred years, while misconduct, negative thinking, rebellion, and stress are things that Islam prohibits.

Under the influence of positivism, the West has denied concepts such as evil eye, magic, genie, devil, and sought everything in the matter. But it turns out that life does not just matter. The matter is only the visible face of life, there is also the inner and the essence of life that encompasses the whole universe, which are spiritual realms and spiritual values.

For example, instead of thinking about what we do not have and being stressed, appreciating what we have and being grateful creates a wonderful shield of happiness in the soul and heart of a person.

The Messenger of God, peace, and blessings be upon him, said, “God Almighty says: I am as my servants expect me. If he thinks good of me, he will have it. If he thinks evil of me, he will have it.”

To be specific, we can say that the way and the formula for us to be happy in both worlds is positive thinking and perspective.

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