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Who is God? “And God is Powerful over all things”

He is One, He is Unique, He has power over everything. Nothing at all is difficult for Him. To create the spring is as easy for Him as to create a flower, and He creates Paradise with as much ease as He creates the spring.

The innumerable artifacts which He continuously creates every day,   every year,   every century,   witness with numberless tongues to  His boundless power.  Thus,  this  phrase  too  delivers  good news:

O man! The service you have offered and the worship you have performed are not for nothing. A realm of reward, an abode of bliss, has been prepared for you. An unending Paradise is awaiting you in place of this fleeting world of yours.

Have faith and confidence in the promise of the Glorious Creator whom you know and whom you worship,  for it is impossible  for Him to break His promise.  In absolutely  no respect is there any deficiency in His power; impotence cannot impede His works. Just as He creates your tiny garden, so He is able to create Paradise for you, and He has created it and promised  it to you. And because He has promised, He shall, of course, admit you to it!

We observe every year on the face of the earth that  He gathers together and disperses with perfect order and balance,  with perfect timing and ease, more than three hundred thousand species and groups of animals and plants. Most certainly such an All-Powerful One of Glory is capable of carrying out His promise.

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Since being thus absolutely Powerful He creates samples of the resurrection and Paradise in thousands of forms every year; and since promising eternal bliss through all His revealed scriptures, He gives the glad tidings of Paradise; and since all His actions  and deeds  are carried  out with the truth,  veracity,  and seriousness;  and since, through the testimony of all His works of art, all perfections point to and testify to His infinite perfection,

there being in absolutely no respect any defect or fault in Him; and since the breaking of a promise, lying, falsehood, and deception are the ugliest of qualities besides being defects and faults; then most decidedly and most certainly that All-Powerful One of Glory, that All-Wise One of Perfection, that All-Merciful One of Beauty, will carry out His promise;

He will open the gate to eternal bliss; He will admit you,  O people of faith,  to  Paradise,  which was the original home of your forefather, Adam.

From Risale-i Nur Collection By Master Said Nursi

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