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10 Spring Quotes By Master Nursi


A finely fashioned work of art surely necessitates an artist.

We witness with our own eyes that there is One who has filled the face of the earth with thousands of gifts of mercy and has turned it into a feasting-place.

Each spring is attached to the face of the earth, like a single flower, in an extremely orderly and balanced fashion, by the hand of the All-Beautiful and All-Glorious One.

You see how dead trees come to life and grow green again. Refusing to regard as a parallel the reanimation of your bones, that resemble dry wood, you dismiss the whole matter as improbable.

There is not a plant or animal created before our eyes in the spring that through its wondrous art, its subtle adornment, it is being distinguished from all other creatures, and through its order and balance, it makes you known.

O, God! Through the tongues of all trees and plants, and their leaves, flowers, and fruits, and to their number, I praise and extol You and declare that You are free of all defect, impotence, and partners!

Who is it that resurrects the dead earth and raises to life hundreds of thousands of sorts of dead beings? Who could bring this about apart from the True God and Creator of all the universe? It is surely He Who brings it about, He raises them to life. Since He is Truth, He will not violate rights; He will send you to a Supreme Tribunal. He will raise you to life just as He raises to life the earth.”

O you who deny resurrection! Look at the trees! One Who raises to life and makes green in spring numberless bone-like trees which have been dead throughout winter, and in every tree even demonstrates three examples of resurrection through the leaves, blossoms, and fruit – the power of such a One cannot be challenged through denial or by considering resurrection improbable.

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Your sustenance is tied to the earth’s life, and the earth’s being raised to life looks to the spring, and the spring is in the hands of the One Who subjugates the sun and the moon and alternates the night and the day. In which case, only the One Who fills the face of the earth with all the fruits can give an apple to someone as true sustenance. Only He can be his true Provider.


The one who creates an apple must of a certainty be able to create all the apples in the world and to bring the vast spring into being. Conversely, the one who cannot create a spring cannot create a single apple either, for the apple is made at the same workbench. But the one who makes an apple can make the spring. Each apple is an example in miniature of a tree, even of a garden or a cosmos. The apple seed that carries within itself the life story of the huge tree is, from the point of view of artistry, such a miracle that the one who creates it thus is incapable of nothing.

From Risale-i Nur Collection By Master Said Nursi

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