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If You Feel Sick, Stop Think Start Again

If You Feel Sick

1) First, consider the reason for this disease. Identify the material and spiritual reasons. Think and plan about how to fix the mistakes you made, then apply them to your life. Times of illness is an opportunity for a person to re-arrange his life.

2) Patience and gratitude because an illness is first to accept the most effective therapeutic medicine, then to be grateful that there is no worse by thinking positively.

3) Realize that the time spent with the illness has become a spiritual act of worship, and raise your spirituality by adopting an optimistic attitude instead of being sad.

4) The times of illness indicate that it is time for the prayer, which is performed purely, and therefore pray, believing that it will be accepted abundantly, but beforehand, be sure to repent with regret for your past sins.

5) Do not worry about the illness and its fate unnecessarily, because curiosity and anxiety increase the disease.

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6) If you are a regular worshiper before your illness, do not worry about the prayers that you cannot perform due to illness, because you have a Lord who promises you that you will receive the reward of those worshiping the same or more during your illness.

7) Think of illness as a divine gift for some people, and take this gift, accept it, and thank it.

Stop Think Start Again

8) Do not be sad thinking that you will die because of the disease because the time and time of death are certain. Nobody dies because they get sick. He dies because his destruction comes.

Inspired from Master Said Nursi

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