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Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind

How old is the world now?  When was Adam sent to the world? How many billion people have been a guest of our world from Adam to the present day and then migrated? When did We open our eyes to the world, what kind of life awaits us? When are we going to leave the world? And. The hard question: When will the apocalypse break?

It’s possible to duplicate questions, of course.  Because human is curious!  He wonders the secrets of the universe, the age of the world, and the apocalypse …

Like any living thing, man is born, lives, and dies. While we were born, thousands of people were coming to the world and leaving the world!

Just as every enterprise, every institution conducts accounting and an audit at certain times. Capital provided, equipment, used on time and on-site, profit or loss… And when the day comes, man will be asked, “What have you been given?” Where and how did you spend your youth, your life, your capital? What did you prepare for the day of reckoning?’

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The real apocalypse is every man’s own death.

Our life comes and goes like the wind. It does not help to distract ourselves with toys, to comfort with empty delusions, to deceive with fake prescriptions..

The following words of Master Said Nursi become an interpreter to our feelings

Oh, my God! We’re deceived. We thought this life was constant. Because of that suspicion, we lost all of them. Yes, this beautiful life is a sleep; it was like a dream. Even that baseless life flies like a wind

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