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Shared a hug and some tears

A few years ago, I was circling the block to find a parking space so I could get a cup of coffee. A woman walking by flagged me down and said she would go in and get me the coffee if I gave her my order.

While she was inside, a spot opened up and I was waiting by my car when she exited. I thanked her when she came out and went to hand her money. She said the coffee was on her. She went on to explain that she had metastatic cancer and with the time she had left, she wanted to do as many good deeds as possible.

I shared with her that I was a cancer survivor and the two of us ― complete strangers ― shared a hug and some tears. She asked me to pay it forward as often as possible, and ever since that day I make sure to do random acts of kindness for others as often as I can. ―Sara Marsi, Providence, Rhode Island

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  1. Jacklyn

    how old were you when it happened

    1. Dear Jacklyn,
      This story is from Sara Marsi from Rhode Island.We do not know when and where exactly.This is just a good deed story . God Bless You

  2. Jacklyn

    This is for a school project so I really need to know

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