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April Rain

Everyone is unique and is the leading actor in his own life scenario and writes their own stories in the book of life every day. It is important that the story is quality rather than long or short.

Some people have a long life book, but it is not worthwhile, there is not much story inside. Others, on the other hand, accumulate hundreds of quality and enviable stories over their short life. What a story you are writing right now!

Take a look around you; You cannot see a pessimistic and hopeless creature other than human beings. All nature is in enthusiasm and joy. Flowers bloom with enthusiasm. Birds fly with joy. The flow of the waters, the falling of the rain, the passing of the clouds like an army in the blue sky are always in enthusiasm and temptation.

So let’s get our share from this beauty and enthusiasm of nature in these spring days. Let’s clean our body, mind, heart, heart, and soul with the scent of spring and flowers. Let’s get wet in the April rain. Thanks be to our Creator, who presented the spring to us as a bunch of roses.

April Rain



Let’s rediscover the love, friendship, and affection we have forgotten and cleansed from grudge and dirt. If you take a day for yourself, the doomsday will not come, things will not interfere, you will not go bankrupt! The world does not end. Even if you work for days, months, years, it will not end again! Desires, ambitions, sorrows, future anxieties, worries … believe me, it will never end.

Don’t be afraid, set yourself free! Let your body relax a little, your soul feel the taste of freedom once again, your overwhelmed heart will feel the love! Don’t let the April rain, which sprinkles every once in a while, make you nervous. Don’t be afraid to get wet!  April rain will come like medicine!


Since human beings are worthy of being presented as creation. He is the honorable ruler of the earth. All creatures are at the disposal of man. Therefore, he was sent to this world not as a slave, but as a friend. In order to get to know himself and his Lord and become perfect with prayer and knowledge; It should strive/strive to achieve better, beautiful, and perfect.

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Sustenance is guaranteed by our Lord. One will rely on his guarantee, taste all the blessings from the halal and the most beautiful, and contemplate and be grateful. Of course, he will work so as not to be dependent on anyone, but not like a slave. Not by greed and self-destruction, not by forgetting and neglecting himself, his environment, loved ones, and his Creator. He will also work on behalf of his Lord and with the awareness that his names have been manifested. He will see the beauties in the universe and the blessings he has received, will check and inspect the creatures like an inspector, and present their glorification to the Creator as a ruler.


Let’s put aside hopelessness and pessimism. Let us see our Lord’s mercy, compassion, mercy, and justice in every event. Let’s become aware of and enjoy what we have, instead of worrying about what we haven’t got. Again, let’s take care of our wife, children, friends, and business, which is his treat. It is their turn from friends. We are also going. Let’s appreciate the value and do what is necessary before the beauty leaves our hands.

Of course, these troubles and epidemics will pass. The good stories in your book of life will remain. Now is the time to be the bouncer of love. Now is the time for good stories.

Let the joy of life fill our hearts, in hope and gratitude!


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