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Gratitude and Chairs


Two poor people are going to a rich man’s palace. One of them says, “If he accepts me and I get out of the cold outside, I’ll be fine.

Even if he gave me the chair downstairs, it would be a blessing.”

The second man, with an arrogant way, says, ” He should give me the chair upstairs “, and sets his sights up, and asks them to go. But the courtier turns him back and sits him down. When that man should be saying thank you, he gets angry inside, criticizes the owner of the palace. The landlord doesn’t like him.

The humble first man wants to sit on the chair at the bottom when he enters the palace. The court owner likes his attitude. He says, “Come up to the top chair,” And that makes humble man’s gratitude and joy more and more increase his thanks and joy.

This universe is a great palace of the merciful creator of all living things. The earth is a dynamic table prepared by him for his creation. The levels of wealth and blessings are like step-by-step chairs from the foot of the mountain to the summits.

You got what I mean?

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Inspired by the writings  of Master Said Nursi

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