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A generous man

One time, Khatim Tay, who was world-famous for his generosity, was giving a large banquet. Having given his guests a superfluity of presents, he went out to walk in the desert. There he saw a poor old man carrying a load of thorny bushes and plants on his back. The thorns were piercing his skin and making him bleed. Khatim said to him: “Khatim Tay is giving a large banquet and giving away gifts. Go there and you will be given five hundred cent in return for  your load worth five cent.

” The frugal old man replied: “I raise and carry this thorny load with my self-respect; I am not going to become obliged to Khatim Tay.”

Later, they asked Khatim Tay:

“Have you come across anyone more generous and estimable than yourself?”

He replied: “The frugal old man I met in the desert was more estimable, elevated, and generous than me.”

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