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Principles That Lead To Success

Success Principles

Zübeyir Gündüzalp, one of Master Said Nursi‘s closest disciples, was an exemplary person in terms of his consistency, seriousness, patience, and idealism.

From time to time, he gave advice on success principles that would guide young people. You can read them in the articles below.

1-A full stomach refuses attention, removes the feelings of contemplation and gratitude, and makes one gloomy.
2-Always be determined.
3-Not to be distracted.
4-If you knew how precious effort is, you would not be idle for a minute.
5-Do your work with your whole being, as if your life and existence depended on it.
6-At every moment, you must strive to be successful and victorious. You should not start another job until you have finished one.
7-High places have a great effect on the memory.
8-Memorization opens the memory.
9-Everything, every issue can be solved by reading.
10-Putting bricks on top of each other is not repetition, it is construction.
11-A person is what he thinks in his heart.
12-There is nothing wrong with your body or mind. What frustrates you is not the situations you encounter, but what you think about them. It is unwise to think of those things as if they have happened before they have happened to you.

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