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Life is an illusion ?

*illusion: a deceptive appearance or impression.

I addressed myself saying: O heedless SELF! Know that it is unworthy of you to attach your heart to something that will not accompany you after this world comes to an end and on its destruction will part from you.

It is not reasonable to fasten your heart to transitory things that will turn their backs on you and leave you when the age in which you live comes to an end, and will not befriend you on the journey through the Intermediate Realm, or accompany you to the door of the grave, and which, leaving you forever after one or two years, will burden you with their sins and out of spite abandon you at the moment of accomplishment.

If you are sensible, you will give up matters that will be shattered and destroyed under the blows of worldly revolutions and the stages of the Intermediate Realm and clashing upheavals of the hereafter; which are not able to accompany and befriend you on the journey to eternity. Give them no importance! Do not grieve at their passing!

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Consider your own nature; among your subtle faculties is one that will be content with nothing other than eternity and the Eternal One. It can address itself to none but He. It cannot demean itself for any other. Should you give it the whole world, it would not satisfy that innate need. It is the sovereign of your senses and faculties. So obey it, for it obeys the All-Wise Creator’s command! Find salvation!

From The Seventeenth Flash By Master Said Nursi

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